5 Best Place to Visit When in Spain

Spain is a beautiful country that attracts very many tourists around the year. Here are the best places to visit in this wonderful country.


This is a fascinating city having been revamped itself in the past few years. The Thyssen-Bornemisza, Prado, and Reina Sofia have all become bigger and better and the middle of the city is classy with sprouting boutiques, cafes and many businesses each and every day. It is actually a perfect destination for a culture rich weekend or a break from your daily activities. You will enjoy a lot of nice foods here. It also has a very good atmosphere at night.


This is one place you have to go on your visit to Spain. It has a lot of nice architectural designs and patchwork, Gothic fa├žades next to the harlequin buildings of the Modernistas and the skyline-piercing constructions of de Meuron, Herzog and Jean Nouvel and also displaying darks – read article on best sights in spain.

If you spend a day here you will admire a lot of this and also have a sundowner in one of the many beaches in this awesome city. There are also fantastic hotels all around and some good food. The weather of this city is so awesome since it enjoys many months of sunshine, excellent food. There are many places to visit in this city. Hotel Aiguaclara is one of them. It is one of the most popular and most stylish hotels in this town. It is a loving place with a nice terrace.


This is another amazing place to tour on your visit to Spain. It is a city that is the third largest in Spain and is designed with incredible architecture. The Art Nouveau buildings form a beautiful line in its streets. It also has Renaissance and Gothic monuments. It has beautiful dynamic museums with lively nightlife, beautiful restaurants, shops and it is not too far from the beach. This city has a Mediterranean exuberance. You need to visit this city to get a real experience of happiness in Spain.


This city is famous with a rich history for its flamenco, orange trees, and tapas bars. This is a city which is convenient for short breaks. This city is beautiful and you can enjoy the cobbled streets of the Santa Cruz quarter and the incredible Alcazar Palace. You enjoy viewing the sites of the old cathedral tower, and also the banks of the Guadalquivir. There is also the newly opened Parasol Metropol. The city has an influence of the Moorish past and the Catholic presence is noticeable everywhere. In fact, the largest cathedral globally is in Sevilla. This is a place you visit to fulfill your vocational objectives.


The best times to visit Granada is during spring and autumn. During the cold times, you can enjoy the site of glittering snow on the Sierra Nevada which is behind the Alhambra. You can then move around the district of REALEJO where you will find many Baroque monuments and Renaissance. These were built long ago after the expulsion of the Moors.

The areas discussed above are the best destinations in Spain. You will enjoy your holiday here and create long-lasting memories all together.

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